Nikki Rushing
Project Coordinator

Nikki possess 21 years of experience working in the human services field in varied roles and capacities including supervisory, mental health, substance abuse, and corrections. Vast amount of experience of providing support to community agencies and providers and working with individuals and families in crisis situations or due to chronic conditions. Professional small business owner with 9 years experience in training and consulting, research, product development, formulation and testing. Technically-savvy individual with impeccable organizational, problem-solving and interpersonal skills requiring minimal direction.


  • Research, documentation, written and oral communication.
  • Public speaking, sales and marketing, social media advertising.
  • Attention to detail, database management, problem-solving.
  • Training, instructing, coaching.
  • Team player, leadership, coordination and collaboration.

Project Coordinator

  • Complete, submit and maintain all grant, contract and certification paperwork.
  • Keep an inventory of office supplies and equipment.
  • Participate in video calls and in-person meetings with prospective and existing clients and provide notes for meeting participants.
  • Perform data entry.
  • Serve as the point-of contact for project details, scheduling and financial reports/invoices.
  • Draft and respond to emails related to contract/production scheduling adjustments.
  • Organize travel arrangements.
  • Assists the production team with lights, cameras, and setup where needed.
  • Greet clients in-studio/on location to enhance photo shoot experience.

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