Xlyvia Withers
Junior Photographer

Collaborated with clients to plan shoots and boost satisfaction with photos.

· Cropped, manipulated and performed color balance for final images.

· Collaborated successfully with various personalities and work styles.

· Photographed special events, parties and portraits.

· Explained price and package details to customers.

· Improvised photographic methods and techniques.

· Set up lights, backdrops and props for shoots and events.

· Set up camera control equipment, stands and tripods for shoots.

· Tracked studio inventories and ordered new supplies when needed.

· Maintained a variety of studio equipment.

· Served as field producer to coordinate scenes.

· Planned and obtained original shots using innovative thinking and new techniques.

· Utilized filters, edits and after-effects to enhance photos.

· Scouted locations and curated props for photography shoots.

· Saved and archived images and maintained master image library for future use.

· Met productivity quotas, managing workflow to meet demand.

· Strengthened membership loyalty, executing flawless customer service and account management.

· Boosted revenue, developed marketing strategies, solicited clients and closed sales.Skills: Adobe PhotoShop, Large Format Printing, Excellent Workflow Management, Image Editing, Photo Shoots, Service-Oriented, Customer Service, Attention to Detail, Creative Thinking, Proactive Approach to Problem Solving, Specialization in Wedding Photography, Digital Photography, Phone and Email Etiquette, Color Correction, Sales and Marketing, Workflow Management, Inventory Management, Creative Lighting, Project Management, Online Presence Monitoring, Equipment Maintenance, Client Scheduling, Photo Processing, Commercial Photography, Team Training and Time Management.

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