Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Want to go live but aren't sure how to go live? 180º Productions has all the equipment and knowledge necessary to achieve it. You will only have to worry about making the content you like!

 Here are some facts about live streaming your event:

  1. Live streaming your event allows you to reach a global audience. With the rise of high-speed internet and mobile devices, people from all over the world can tune in to your event in real-time.
  2. Live streaming can be more cost-effective than traditional event marketing methods. Instead of spending money on physical event spaces and printing materials, you can invest in high-quality video and audio equipment to ensure a successful live stream.
  3. Live streaming can increase audience engagement. With the ability to comment and interact in real-time, your viewers can feel like they are part of the event and more engaged with your brand.
  4. Live streaming can provide valuable data insights. You can track how many viewers are tuning in, which parts of the event are most popular, and other data that can inform your future marketing and event planning efforts.
  5. Live streaming can extend the life of your event. By recording and archiving your live stream, you can continue to share it with potential customers and stakeholders long after the event has ended.
  6. Live streaming can be done on various platforms and devices. You can stream on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, or use dedicated live streaming services like Twitch and Zoom.
  7. Live streaming requires careful planning and preparation. To ensure a successful live stream, you will need to invest in quality equipment, choose the right platform, and plan for potential technical issues.

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